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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I make a reservation for a training session?
You can choose a training session by clicking ‘Zoek jouw Bootcamp’ (in menu: Informatie > Locaties>Zoek jouw Bootcamp) and selecting a specific town (plaatsnaam), location (locatie) or day (dag). Or you can select a town from the list by clicking ‘Bootcamp Team locaties’ (in menu: Informatie > Locaties > Bootcamp Team locaties). Select your training session and click the 'Meedoen' button to make a reservation.

Where can I see how many credits I have left or which membership I have?
After logging in, click ‘Mijn aankopen’ from the drop down menu under ‘Mijn dashboard’. Here you will see which membership (lidmaatschap) you have and/or how many credits (strippen) you have left.

What does Bootcamp Team cost?
Click ‘Tarieven’ (in menu: Informatie > Bootcamp Team > Tarieven) to find a complete overview of the different prices for memberships (lidmaatschappen) and credits (strippenkaarten).

How do I purchase credits (strippenkaart) or a membership (lidmaatschap)?
After logging in, click ‘Koop nu’ from the drop down menu under ‘Mijn dashboard’. You can choose between all options offered: all available credits (20, 10, 5 or one) or memberships. Credits are valid for one year.

Do I have to register for every training session, even if I have a membership?
Yes, even if you have a membership we ask you to register for every training session. In this way the trainer knows how many participants to expect and can contact you if necessary. In addition the trainer is paid for the number of registered participants.

How do I register if I am not yet a member?
You can register for a ‘gratis proefles’ (free trial session). Choose where and when you would like to attend your trial training session. If you want to buy credits or a membership straight away instead of a trial session click here.


What is the difference between a Success and a Week membership?
A Success membership entitles you to unlimited boot camp training sessions, with different trainers, at different locations. The Week membership entitles you to one training session per week. You can still choose whichever trainer and/or location you prefer each week.

How does the Week membership work exactly?
The Week membership entitles you to one training session per week. A week is counted from Monday to Sunday. You can register for more than one training session in advance. If you occasionally wish to train more than once a week you should purchase credits (strippenkaart) in addition to your membership. So if for instance you want to train on a Tuesday and a Saturday in one week, the Saturday session will automatically be deducted from your credits. If you have a Week membership it is not possible to make up a training sessions on a later moment.

How do I change, put on hold or cancel my Bootcamp Team membership?
Login to your account and go to "Mijn lidmaatschap" here you can change, put on hold or cancel you membership. Please note: you have to give a calendar month’s notice, if for instance you cancel your membership on the 25 June, your membership will end on 31 July.

Training Sessions

Do I have to be in good shape to attend a Bootcamp Team training session?
No, Bootcamp Team fitness training sessions are suitable for both beginners and the advanced sports(wo)man. Our experienced trainers adapt the session to your level. Our aim is to help improve your stamina. We advise you to listen to your own body and together we will achieve the maximum from every training session.

Will attending Bootcamp Team training sessions help me to lose weight?
Certainly! Our Bootcamp training sessions are a valuable addition to any slimming programme and will firm up those muscles. During the sessions attention is paid to the large muscle groups which increase the body’s metabolism and burn fat. Naturally your diet also plays an important role. Losing weight is the result of sufficient boot camp training, a varied and healthy diet and enough rest and relaxation. We are here to help!

Do the Bootcamp Team training sessions still go ahead in bad weather?
Yes, the training sessions always go ahead, with the exception of dangerous weather conditions such as lightning. In this case Bootcam Team or the trainer will contact you.

What do I need to take to my training session?

What do I need to take to my Bootcamp Team training session?
We advise you to wear comfortable sports clothing and good quality (running) shoes. In addition bring a small bottle of water and a towel if you like. Valuables should be left at home. 

Where do I leave my things during a training session?
There are no lockers or changing rooms available. Leave all extras at home. Bootcamp Team will not be liable for any loss or damages of any kind that may arise during or associated with by Bootcamp Team organized activities.. 

What do I need to bring for a Boxing Bootcamp Training?
There is no need to bring boxing gloves, these will be available. If you have your own boxing gloves you are welcome to bring them!

Other questions

I did not receive an email after requesting a password, what do I do?
First check your spam box. If the email is not there contact us at welkom@bootcampteam.com with your name, address, postal code and date of birth and we will help you.

For how long are my credits valid?
Your credits are valid for a whole 365 days! So you have an entire year to use them up. In case of prolonged illness, injuries, pregnancy or long-term stay abroad, you can request to extend the validity.

How long before a training session do I have to register or cancel?
You can register up to 60 minutes before the training session starts, and cancel up to three hours beforehand.

More questions about Bootcamp Team?

For any other questions not answered above please contact our customer service.